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Internet Business Ideas for 2020

With the New Year just around the corner, the time is now to start looking at the top internet business ideas for 2020. We are going to focus on simple businesses that you can run from home to make money. Let us also focus on ideas you can act on today. All of these ideas may not be ideal for you. Some will require you to have training beyond your current skill set. Some are easy enough to start up today. Let’s get on with the list!

Professional Blogger
What exactly is a professional blogger and how can it become your full-time profession? That is a good question. In my mind, professional bloggers are people who write articles and columns about a particular topic and publish their posts each and every day multiple times a day. They make money usually from advertisements on their website. Most bloggers do not make enough money to pay for their website hosting. There are literally millions of bloggers out on the internet and to truly make a name for yourself, you need to come up with a grand idea that no one else has thought of or have the skills to attract readers to keep coming back. Popular blogging software like WordPress has made it easy for people like you and me to go online, write about topics we enjoy or are trying to promote, and be bloggers. Is blogging the next great internet business idea for 2020? I doubt it. There are too many voices online to truly stand out amongst the crowd. Your competition is with professional writers as well as other amateur writers like yourself (as you get started).

Website Developer
Do you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Do you love to develop cool websites? If so, then becoming a website developer could be the internet business idea you grab a hold of and run with. There are many people who work full time as website developers. There is no shortage of jobs out there for those who are good at their craft in website development. To get started with your internet business in this area, you will need to develop your skills and know-how to be creative to solve major and minor issues in this field. Building up a client base is fairly difficult as well. You can start by browsing job boards and moonlighting job sites. You will be competing with extremely cheap offshore resources along with major English speaking development houses in the USA. This internet business requires a lot of skills and hard work. Time management is a plus while working as a website developer because most people are looking to get their website up and ready very quickly and on time. Be prepared to work countless hours if your next internet business idea for the new year is becoming a website developer.

Online Store Owner
Why not join a program to sell your own products online in 2020? Find yourself a distributor or drop-ship provider and start your own online presence. You can get a marketplace website on Yahoo stores or some other professional site that will allow you to sell anything and everything online. Does this sound like a good internet business idea? Run your own store? If you are like me, these ideas come with their good parts and it’s bad. For one thing, you will normally have to keep an inventory of products. Where will you store your products? Do you have a warehouse? Imagine what your taxes will look like in April 2020 and beyond. Becoming an online store owner does not exactly sound like a great internet business idea to me.

What if you could use all of the skills listed above and combine the good parts together to develop a new internet business idea for the new year?

Affiliate Marketing Professional
If you know how to blog and enjoy creating web content that is interesting, affiliate marketing may be for you. If you know a little bit about website development and have dabbled in search engine optimization, affiliate marketing may just be for you. Do you want to sell something online, whether it be a product or service but do not want the hassle of running a storefront with inventory and overhead costs, then affiliate marketing is definitely the internet business idea for you!

You can succeed in affiliate marketing in many different ways. You just need to be able to devote some time to creating content and promoting your website presence to interested parties. This could be the best internet business idea for 2020 for you or someone you know.

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